About Me

Dan Passerelli

I’m a husband, father, and pastor,IMG_0338 who belongs to Jesus. I’ve tried starting a church in London and spent almost as long recovering from the attempt.  I find just about everything interesting and love a good conversation.  I believe theology is fun and useful, but only when it’s formed in conversation and used as a tool for the church’s engagement with what’s going on ‘out there’ in the wider world.

The best conversations, I think, happen outside the door – in that place where we leave our security behind and move into the unknown with curiosity.  It’s easy to feel separated and alone in a sea of people – even as we idle in traffic, brush past co-workers, and sit in church.  We can be around other people without really being open to them.  My hope is that Outside the Door will be a place for us to leave our secure isolation and enter into honest conversation  as we seek to engage the questions people are asking with a functional theology.

Each week I’ll post a reflection on a theological or cultural topic that people around us are talking about.  All opinions on this site are purely my own and are not in any way to be understood as the official position of Chapelgate Church (where I am grateful to pastor).   All comments will be moderated.

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